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Field consultancy service

Our field consultancy service is a useful tool to monitor the health status of your productive agroecosystem in order to make the most efficient agronomic-technical choices.

Every farmer longs for the best performances for his own agricultural plants. The risks for losses in product and its value are very high in the agricultural ecosystem. Graper’s agronomists support the farmers to reduce these risks resulting from phytoparasitic attacks or climate adversities providing them with safe and sustainable guidelines for the agronomic and phytopathological management.
We design the plants (facility, varietal choice, etc.) and its management (defence, nutrition, watering, etc.) in order to improve the productive performances, reduce costs and increase sustainability.

Available services

Our services are designed to meet all the needs of your field. The following are all the field consultancy services we offer, which can be customised according to our clients’ necessities:

  • Diseases, adversities and drought water monitoring
  • Specialised phytosanitary requirements
  • Support for water and nutrition management for vineyards and orchards
  • Cultivation operation planning
  • Productive plant design (varietal choice, structural plan, investment plan, business plan, supplier research)

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