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Post harvest consultancy

Our post harvest consultancy services focus on storage, plant design, packaging and prevention of complaints.

Once a good harvest has been obtained, it is important to meticulously manage it to get to the sale with a fresh, tasty and well-stored product in its own packaging.

Graper’s experts support you in the post-harvest phase by designing plants and storage processes, from harvesting to packaging, shipping and storage. We provide you with our experience and expertise in cutting operations, packing, shipping and storage, selection and planning. We monitor the state of conservation of the goods to prevent and solve complaints.

Available services

Our services are designed to meet all the needs of your field. The following are all the post harvest consultancy services we offer, which can be customised according to our clients’ necessities:

  • Plant design and storage processes (harvesting, packaging, shipping and storage)
  • Analysis of the processes and flows of work already existing and possible advice to improve
  • Advice on cutting processes, packaging, shipping and storage
  • Monitoring of the state of conservation of the goods
  • Support while choosing the packaging
  • Packaging design
  • Checking of the workflows working from the good destination
  • Support to prevent and solve complaints

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